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Water Quality Sampling

Water Quality Sampling

The collection of water samples is an important component of the monitoring of rivers, streams, and lakes. MBI offers training in the collection and handling of water samples and taking field measurements of physical parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and pH using field meters. The focus of this training is on the methods used by Ohio EPA and as such it fulfills the training required for those who are pursuing Level 2 or 3 Qualified Data Collector status under the Ohio Credible Data Program.

Day One: Introduction to the Collection of Water Samples - Classroom Instruction

Covers the basics of water quality sampling and assessment. Principal overviews include: parameters sampled, where to sample, when to sample, site description, sampling methods, field safety, and measuring flow.

Day Two: Classroom Instruction and Field Training

Participants will learn about Project Study Plan development including study plan guidelines, data quality objectives (DQO), planning, QA/QC, and QAPPs. Day two will also include instructor assisted field training to cover water sample collection using water quality meters, and data recording.

Recommended Background

Participants should have knowledge of conducting in the field measurements of water quality (e.g. pH, DO, conductivity, temperature) and collection of water samples.


This course will provide trainees with the knowledge needed to apply for Level 2 or 3 QDC status upon completion of the course. No performance testing is required by Ohio EPA.

Course Fee: $525.00

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